Peter Siegel

I received my MFA degree from the Yale School of Art. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to study Painting with the Great artists Leon Golub & Lester Johnson. My current work is inspired by (& uses their Names as Titles) amazingly beautiful songs (music) which enhance my life every day & are incredibly meaningful & important to me & are continual “balm” for my soul & spirit. I strive to make this music (like energy); visible! They are v. beautiful paintings (& I seem to be able to “produce” a prodigious number; amount of them). I believe someday they will be exhibited (around the world); in many good galleries & major museums; collected & greatly appreciated widely ; & eventually; be “worth” a great deal of money (even if only after I’m dead)!


“The Road Goes on Forever (& the party never ends)”

Beautiful, powerful, striking & original paintings; images; based on (& inspired by) favorite, cherished (beautiful) songs & music.

“Only the hand of Grace” ““Only the hand of Grace””

Inspired by the lyrics of the brilliant singer songwriter Mary Gauthrie; who’s beautiful song “Mercy Now”; contains the line: “Only the hand of grace, can end the race toward another mushroom cloud”

“Dance me to the end of Love” ““Dance me to the end of Love””

The title of Leonard Cohen’s stunningly beautiful song which “sums up” my undying, eternal love for my wife Tatsiana.

“The Guitar” ““The Guitar””

The name of Guy Clark’s amazing & hauntingly beautiful song (which profoundly “resonates” in me.

“Avalanche” ““Avalanche””

Another powerful & beautiful Leonard Cohen Song; which (also) expresses many of my deepest feelings & emotions.

“Crazy Dog” ““Crazy Dog””

The name of Kendall Core’s beautiful & powerful song (which aptly describes my beloved dog Scarlet).