Konstantina Daskalaki

Konstantina Daskalaki

Location: Greece

My favorite technique is the use of oil colors on different materials like canvas, ceramic, wood or paper. Using the power of colors and the sinuosity of formsI like to mix the aricature and the naive style to express my passion and perception, favoring at the same time a renewal of the figurative language. Art is part of my everyday life since childhood. Painting for me is a way of expression, comunication, escape from reality and a virtual traveling. I draw inspiration from the environment, thus I love painting city and nature landscapes. Being a lover of peace, harmony, balance and beauty I always seek the positive side of things, therefore I paint in a tale like fashion where the" imperfections" of the real world does not exist. Giving the viewer a chance to dream.

Official website: www.artwanted.com/daskalaki
e-mail: kodaska68@yahoo.gr



This is an Italian lanscape of Venice. It is an oil painting on canvas.

Venezia “Venezia”

Oil color on cotton canvas.

Manarola 50x 70 cm “Manarola 50x 70 cm”

An italian landscape of Cinque Terre. Oil color and acrylic on cotton canvas.

Bordeaux “Bordeaux ”

A French landscape of Bordeaux. Mixed technique on handmade paper.

Domes 90x1,20 cm “Domes 90x1,20 cm”

An imaginary theme of domes. Acrylic on cotton canvas.