Migi Anabitarte

Date of Birth: 28.4.1965
Schools: Primary, Progymnasium, Gymnasium
University: Zuerich, 3 Testations Biology, interrupted after 1,5 Years
Further: Business Academy Diploma
Photography in the Gymnasium and afterwards lost insterest, but again since 2005 eg.
Professions: Creative Working and Business
Honorable Mentions for several Photographs at International Photography Award


Migi Anabitarte

Several Photographs

Barrack Square Zuerich Aussersihl “Barrack Square Zuerich Aussersihl”

Passing along by bus at the Barrack Sqare in Z├╝rich Aussersihl we see a fence and behind are trees in the sunlight and on the ground a light reflecting puddle.

Zuerich under the Sun “Zuerich under the Sun”

Old Zuerich Skyline with Clouds and the Sun shinig through

Zuerich upon Limmat River “Zuerich upon Limmat River”

Sight across the Limmat River historic Buildings, Townhall and Church

Christmas Time in Berlin - Germany “Christmas Time in Berlin - Germany”

Illuminated trees at Chritstmas Time in Berlin - Germany

Wheels spinnig still... “Wheels spinnig still...”

Ferris Wheel half Part behind Trees

Monument “Monument”

Sight between Trees to the Monument on the Main Building of the Zurich-Insurances