Karen Nealon

Karen has been studying and creating art for over 50yrs, inspired by animals and nature in Alaska and Arizona. Her primary residence is in Alaska, however she has been ‘snow birding’ to Arizona for the last 10 yrs. Karen displays and sells her art in the Arizona Sonoran Desert Art Institute, and as a member of the Casa Grande Art Association she displays and sells her art in the Casa Grande Art Museum and Municipal Airport. Her works can be viewed as well on her website www.artmajeur.com/akazkaren.
Reference photos are used for each of her subjects, whether they are received with permission from the photographer or are a part of Karen’s own photography or sketch pad.
Karen’s medium of choice is Scratchboard, which is a ‘subtractive’ process of removing the top layer of black or colored ink to reveal the white clay underneath. Tools of choice are an Xacto knife, tattoo needles, fiberglass brush and other assorted abrasives. This process provides the dramatic effects she is looking for.


White Brow Art

My art is a moment in time captured by my hand on a variety of surfaces. Although art gives me peace and tranquility during creation, it also ignites a passion in me for exploring the intricacies of nature and animals.
Inspirations come from natural designs and patterns found on animals or in nature, and how color, light and shadows contrast or highlight them. I work in mediums which give me the opportunity to provide details and accentuate textures, light and shadows. I am taken away by the whole process of examining a subject and deciding how to portray it. I seek to create interesting views of each subject, to stir recognition of their beauty generally taken for granted.
When my artwork stirs emotion in others, the passion I’ve invested yields an added realm of fulfillment. I want my art to provide pleasure for your soul as well as your eyes.

Bear Pause “Bear Pause”

Inspiration comes from a reference photograph by Daniel Brachlow. 9x12 Scratchboard and Colored Ink

So Bohemian “So Bohemian”

8x10 Scratchboard and Ink, Bohemian Waxwing in Alaska.

A Golden Hour “A Golden Hour”

Back lit Cholla cactus in Tucson, Arizona and common Yellow Finch.8x10 Scratchboard and Ink

Just the Highlights Please “Just the Highlights Please”

8x10 Scratchboard, Ink washes