Michele Doucette

Michele Doucette

Location: Canada

My art journey started much later in life after being forced to pivot after my extremely active life style was significantly forced to change due to limitations forced upon me due to my health. As a result, I found a passion for expressing myself through painting. As a self taught artist I have found a way to bring my love of nature and wildlife, once appreciated during hiking, onto the canvas. I have been able to re-invent myself and find freedom and fulfill my curiosity and creative side by using colour and texture to bring mountain views and stunning wildlife to existence on the canvas. My inquisitive and adventurous side allow me to continually find new ways to create texture and explore colour in my pieces. I feel extremely vulnerable and apprehensive in sharing my work in such a public format, I find it extremely liberating as it allows me to continually evolve and grow as a person. I feel forever thankful and humbled when others share their appreciation for my work.



My art journey was initially inspired by the beautiful and intelligent animals. The collection of bears to date have been inspired by how their expressions remind me off feelings or people who have had ore continue to have an important impact in my life.

Petulant Blue Gaze “Petulant Blue Gaze”

30x24 Acrylic on Canvas

Blue Remembers You “Blue Remembers You”

36x48 Acrylic on Canvas

Tenacious & Magnificent Blue “Tenacious & Magnificent Blue”

Acrylic on Canvas