Joyce E Lazzara




J Lazzara #1

Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30",
Blue Sky, fabulous Coconut Palm on Anna Maria Island, Fl

Blue Palm “Blue Palm”

Original Oil on Canvas, 30"W X 40"H, Beautiful Coconut Palm in a Blue Sky

Hen Pecked “Hen Pecked”

Oil on Canvas, 18" X 36" A group of Hens and rooster free to just enjoy the day.

Aged to Perfection “Aged to Perfection”

Oil on Canvas, 30" X 40", An old abandoned Tractor that still possesses some unique beauty.

Yellow Bloom “Yellow Bloom”

Oil on Canvas, 26" X 36", A favorite color of Hibiscus flowers, they are simple and beautiful in a painting.

Mockingbird “Mockingbird”

Oil on Canvas, 30" X 40" Another beautiful morning birds singing and flowers blooming. The Mockingbird is the state bird of Florida.


OIL ON CANVAS, 18" X 36" This is just the most fun painting making fun of the impossible "SEE NO EVIL SAY NO EVIL,HEAR NO EVIL" of course totally against man kinds rules they actually can't follow.