Liu Chun Chih

Liu Chun Chih

Location: Taiwan

Taiwan Changhua County 台灣 彰化縣

Feel every moment brought by life, use abstract pictures to present inner feelings, move forward step by step, and create
the value of life.

2023 灰立方畫廊2023年5月的第四屆色彩在線藝術展。榮譽獎
Grey Cube Gallery the fourth Colors online art show for the month of May 2023. HONORABLE MENTION

2023 第57屆國際Artavita線上藝術大賽 優勝
在第 12 期 World Wide Aat Magazine 獲獎者中免費發表
The 57st International Artavita Online Art Contest. Winner Free Presentation in The 12th Issue OF World Wide Aat Magazine

2023 Light Space & Time 第14屆“Abstracts”線上藝術大賽攝影與數碼類 第10名
Light Space & Time 14th Annual “Abstracts” Online Art Competition Photography & Digital 10TH PLACE

2023 Circle 基金會Spotlight 雜誌封面大賽 優秀獎
Circle Foundation Spotlight Magazine Cover Contest Artistic Excellence Award

2023 Circle 基金會年度藝術家大賽 優秀獎
CFA Artist of the Year Contest. Artistic Excellence Award

2023 第56屆國際Artavita線上藝術大賽 Artavita 年度藝術家 入選
The 56st International Artavita Online Art Contest. Artavita Artist of the year Finalist Certificate

2023 Light Space & Time 第13屆“Botanicals”線上藝術大賽攝影與數碼類 特別優異獎
Light Space & Time 13th Annual “Botanicals” 2023 Online Art Competition Photography & Digital Category Special Merit

2022 Circle 基金會紐約展覽比賽 入選
Circle Foundation for the Arts Exhibition in New York Contest Finalist Certificate

2022 Circle 基金會藝術圈藝術評論季刊雜誌大賽 優秀獎
Circle Foundation for the Arts Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest Artistic Excellence

2022第53屆國際Artavita線上藝術大賽 入選
The 53st International Artavita Online Art Contest. Finalist Certificate

2022 5/6月Circle 基金會5/6月藝術藝術家大賽 優選
Circle Foundation for the Arts Artist of the Month Competition. Certificate of Excellence

2022第51屆國際Artavita線上藝術大賽 入選
The 51st International Artavita Online Art Contest. Finalist Award

Japan IFA International Art Association Exhibition Kobe City Board of Education Award



戰爭、病毒、資源掠奪、環境破壞等等。 這個世界怎麼了? 人類社會出了什麼問題? 現在的人怎麼了?
我在小學教特殊教育的時候,也覺得少數學生被區別對待,所以想教育全體學生要慈悲,尊重各種生命和存在。 但遺憾的是,在這個時代,很多人都無法正視自己,靜下心來好好思考。 希望用作品來喚醒人們,思考自身的價值,尊重所有生命的存在。 全人類共同創造美好幸福的世界,從我們每個人做起。

Wars, viruses, resource plundering, and environmental damage and so on. What happened to this world? What's wrong with human societies? What's happened to nowadays people?
As I teach special education in elementary school, I also feel that minority group of students are treated differently, so trying to teach all of school students to be mercy and respect all kinds of life and existence. But it is a pity that in this era, many people are unable to face myself, sit still and think deeply. Hoping to use works to awaken people, thinking about their own value and respect the existence of all life. All human beings together to create a beautiful and happiness world, and starting from each of us.



All works were shot indoors. Different decorations and different light sources make light and shadow, lines, and color blocks appear and change randomly, forming an abstract composition. Behind the viewing window, like a hunter in the dark, he stretches his whole body to capture the moment of joy and press the shutter. Due to the random placement of still life, the habit of using a single light source when shooting, without a tripod, it is almost impossible to reproduce the pictures that have appeared before, which makes photography more exciting, because it is difficult to predict what will happen. What kind of picture do you see.