Barbara Lee Donovan

Barbara Donovan an American professional working published contemporary artist from Alexandria Virginia self-trained with a lifetime of practice. Earliest influences and inspiration include: The Smithsonian's, The Hirshorn Museum of Modern Art, The National Archives in Washington D.C. and the privilege to work with artists of IMAX cinematography, Guinness Book of World Records, authors, musicians, and media specialists, as well as travel the span of 30years plus.
Contributions of pieces to auction and gallery sales include: The American Cancer Society for charity auction. Home Grown Art Gallery in Muscle Shoals, local stores around Alabama and soon Nashville.
Barbara's home studio is where she creates art of a variety of styles composition or object for local and private collectors nationwide. She is a chameleon of sorts with her unique works and has often been compared to Vincent Van Gogh's style as well as Googled over 100k times and growing.
Her ever-expanding catalog can be found on Fine Art America. com.


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