Leo Tujak

My interest in photography began in high school, taking a photography course & contributing to the year book. In college I was photo co-editor of the year book. After moving to North Shore Towers, joined the camera club, reviving my interest in photography.

Shown/will show at US Galleries: Catbrid Seat Gallery; Islip Aty Gallery; Contemporary Art Gallery on Line; the Art of Possibilities Art Show; RedLine Art Center; Light Space Time Art Gallery; Art Show International; Art Impact; Electric City Gallery; Fridge Gallery; Auburn Gallery; Studio Chanel Gallery; Art Ability; fotofoto Gallery; Vintage Artists Gallery; the Art Guild; Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas (SOOSOS) & Inoventa Awards.

Internationally: 5th ONYX 2021 International Exhibition of Photography, Romania;
Galería Valid Foto BCN; Kontrast Galleri; Espaço Espelho D'agua; Glasgow Gallery; Blank Wall Gallery; Studio Gallery B&B; Hinterland Galerie; The Space Art Gallery; Laurent Gallery; BBA Gallery; Montanha Pico Festival.

Exhibited at: Long Island Maritime Museum; Islip Arts Museum; Grants Pass Museum of Art; FUJIFILM photo exhibition in Grand Central Terminal. Obervica; Lose the Film; Irreplaceable Resources; the National Parks Foundation, Travel & Leisure has published my work. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute creates a commemorative note card collection, my photo has been selected as one, 2021.


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