Fernando Castel

Nostro Mondo – The Souvenir Museum

Memories, thoughts, adventures, and emotions, all those words can be added to a traveling object, The Souvenir! Regardless of globalization process that made some these objects to be manufactured in China, I still look for authenticity, and a memory of the visited places to be a piece of folk art as much as possible. I have chosen the Italian language to name this project due to the fact that I noticed in that country that the souvenirs shops were called “Oggetti Ricordi” which translate to “Objects of Memories”. I thought that could be a good way to address the name of the project as Nostro Mondo, that translate to “Our World” in Italian but also has a similar translation to old Latin.
The concept of photographing these objects of memory, has been in my mind for few years now, but my main idea has always been to open a physical location as a museum. During the 2020’s lock-down I realized that a lot of the performing arts went virtual, as well as many museums started to have virtual tours and presentation, that is when I figure out that the way to bring my collection to the world could be via online in some form of virtual gallery.


Nostro Mondo

Documentary Photography project Spring 2022, GSU. Nostro Mondo - The Souvenir Museum

Nostro Mondo “Nostro Mondo”

Nostro Mondo official logo

Iran “Iran”

This installations represents countries, in this case Iran.

Mexico “Mexico”

Skull Mugs from Morelia - Michoacán, Mexico.

Mexico “Mexico”

"Catrina" effigies from Capula - Michoacán, Mexico.

Mexico “Mexico”

Jade and oyster shell Mask from Bernal - Queretaro, Mexico.

Mexico “Mexico”

Blown glass ornament from Tlalpuhahua - Michoacán, Mexico.