Renato Manzoni

Renato Manzoni

Location: Spain

Renato Manzoni's (Spain, 1945) work is the resulting symbiosis of his technical training in architecture, industrial design and graphic design, as well as humanism, in areas such as theology, metapsychology, and heterodoxy.

In the 1990s, his artistic production takes a turn towards the digital world, maintaining nevertheless its pictorial character, architectural design and conceptual proposal, by using almost exclusively a highly specialized vectorial program originally very limited in its aesthetic possibilities. With the same tool he would use to design ground plans or buildings, he creates compositions of great complexity, beauty and symbolic load.

His landscapes, scenes and characters are an illusion made up of countless lines, polygons and layers of light. In this manner, the artist skips the barriers imposed by the program to give this work tool a new utility and create new paths and new languages.

His work has been presented in various exhibitions in galleries and cultural spaces in Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia, Naples, Stockholm, Tenerife, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and Malaga, among others.


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