Evelyn Ortiz

Born in El Salvador, Evelyn discovered her love for nature and her passion for the arts at an early age by experimenting with multiple types of media like oils, acrylics, pastel chalks, metal embossing and others.

She has lived in Europe, Asia and America and her utmost source of inspiration is the immensely detailed beauty of mother nature: the complexity of textures, color compositions, intricate shapes, the surrealism of the sky, the uniqueness of the animal kingdom and the grandiosity of Mother Nature and the Universe.

She is influenced by a multicultural and multidimensional world that guides her art in many directions with a beautiful journey which she uses to capture the Grace of the moment allowing in this communion to be present, capturing a Haiku poem in her photography.As an Alumni of the Nangyan Academy of Fine Arts, in Singapore, Evelyn displayed her work in a group exhibition named “An Impression” a collection of woodblocks, etching and intaglio techniques that received great accolades.

As a cancer survivor Evelyn takes no moment for granted and her photography captures the essence of life with the eye of a temporary witness who knows that immortalizing the beauty of the right moment is the magic that entitles us to re-tell and re-live. Every image is a poem, is a sacred connection to the present moment.

Some of her photography not only resembles modern impressionism but a photographic style born from her love, an intimate relationship with nature, and a clear crusade to capture the Light of life.


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