Lee Musgrave

Originally from Perth, Australia artist Lee Musgrave studied in Los Angeles with Hans Burkhardt (Swiss) and Fritz Faiss (German). Hans was studio partner of Arshile Gorky. Fritz studied at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee & Wassily Kandinsky. Musgrave holds a Master of Art degree from California State University, Los Angeles. His artwork has been exhibited in over 20 solo & 100 group exhibitions. He is the recipient of an American National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship.


Real Time Memories

I interpret settings and emphasize visual details from my encounters with nature to communicate the complexity of natural systems beyond their cursory picturesque value. This Series invokes similarities to the “Mystic painters” movement. It shares the same appreciation of movement and heightened perception. Each landscape simultaneously appears flattened and yet has a strong degree of aerial perspective… due to my altered sense of time and space from repeated recollections. Plus, the images are formed from both ecological influences and artistic intuition.