Juan Murcia

Juan C Murcia
Born in Colombia South America, living in Miami, FL

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Graduated from BCC in Florida with a Marketing and Portrait Photography degree.
20 yrs experience in various visual art forms.
I work with a team of professional photographers and video Artist.

Agora Gallery
Prized Photography Artist
New York

Freelance Photography
World Landscape and City views.
Architectural And Real Estate Photography
Work with Real Estate Brokers in the Miami Area 2017 - 2019


Shapes Colors and Shadows

Although I have traveled far and wide, I have found that there is beauty right where I am. Our eyes are designed to look in a linear field, with a 180 degree view, but when we change this perspective, we discover that the world is not flat, nor limited.

A modern Christ on a cross “A modern Christ on a cross”

As I travel through Portugal's Fatima region; I walk into a beautiful church in the Fatima plaza, where i found this beautiful christ on a cross.
I took this shot thinking more on the young people that where with me at the time and thinking that if I could modernize this image; maybe I could make more people see christ for what it was with a touch of new.

A pink sunset “A pink sunset”

I was visiting the Florida Naples area and walking the pier at a sunset time.
The sky on this day started turning pink and th hue on the scenery was magical.

Family time at the Pier “Family time at the Pier”

This shot was taken at the Naples pier in a weekend where many families were visiting the pier.
The sunset was gorgeous and the glow of the afternoon was fantastic.

Clouds and Sea “Clouds and Sea”

A sunrise morning walking the famous Miami Beach gave me a shot at this beautiful combination of colors from the sky to the ocean; the brilliance and sharpness of the water, together with the tones of the clouds, give us a peaceful filling.

Looking at New york from the coulds “Looking at New york from the coulds”

One of my visits to manhattan, took me to the One world Observatory where I could take in the filling from the crowds and the filling of being on top of the world.