Lianne Yael Jedeikin Goldsmith

Lianne Jedeikin Goldsmith lives in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Zimbabwe and after studying in Cape Town, South Africa, immigrated to the United States where she founded Accentrix Design Studio. Managing a team of talented artists, Lianne designed and implemented large scale design installations for clients throughout the United States. Between 2001 and 2015, Lianne directed her creativity towards working with youth and young adults living in foster care while continuing to paint.

Lianne’s current body of work, “In Their Memory” is inspired by photographic images from Southern Africa in the early 60’s. The images resonated with Lianne’s life as a child living in Zimbabwe.

“I chose to paint on authentic vintage paper from the era when the photos were made as a way to shine a light on the relationship of the people in the photographs with the people for whom they worked. The colonial floral backgrounds seep into the flesh and clothing of the domestic workers and their children echoing the invasive colonial paternalism that deliberately and insidiously destroyed civilizations and threw millions of human beings into cruel servitude.

Lianne has exhibited throughout the United States and her work sells internationally in Africa, Europe and Australia as well as Canada and the US.


Get Back i


Don't let me down “Don't let me down”

This image portrays John Lennon and Yoko Ono's relationship

The 5th “The 5th”

George and Billy

Goddesses and Gargoyles

We are goddesses and gargoyles.

We are sensual; we are loved; we love; we are strong; we are thriving; we are feisty;
We are the elders; we are revered
We have struggled with heart wrenching choices, losses, illness
We have survived abuse
We sweat through menopause

We are goddesses and gargoyles, protecting, mentoring, listening and learning.

Goddesses and Gargoyles: Heat “Goddesses and Gargoyles: Heat”

Oil on canvas
36" x 60"

This painting delves into the emotional and physical turmoil afflicting women worldwide experiencing Menopause.

Goddesses and Gargoyles: Sleep “Goddesses and Gargoyles: Sleep”

Oil on Canvas
36" x 60"

Sleepless nights, tossing and turning, blankets on, thrown off, sleepless nights of Menopause

Goddesses and Gargoyles; Chameleon “Goddesses and Gargoyles; Chameleon”

Mixed Media
charcoal and oil on Vintage Wallpaper
20 " x 30"

Goddesses and Gargoyles: Healing “Goddesses and Gargoyles: Healing”

Mixed Media
oil and vintage wallpaper on canvas
36" x 48"

Water heals, eases