Lenore Robins

I am a self taught artist, born and raised in the Philadelphia area, but based in south Florida since 1981. I create 3D geometric abstractions on wood, using acrylic paints and top coating with a high gloss resin which is hand mixed, hand poured and blow torched. My finished pieces appear to be made of glass rather than wood. Due to the reflective nature of the resin, photography does NOT due justice to my creations, which must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Last year, i was truly honored to have one of my original pieces was accepted into an international juried exhibition at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Dallas.

I work in several different design styles from pure geometric abstractions to pieces I call Just Having Fun. All are created using the same techniques.

My website has a large portfolio of my artworks as well as a video on the home page to help viewers understand the dimensional aspects of my art, which has been described as being whimsical sophistication.


Until Covid interfered, i had several of my pieces touring the world with exhibitions in Japan, Italy, France, and Monaco, but England and Colombia have been delayed by Covid


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