Betty Manousos

Betty Manousos

Location: Greece

I'm a street and documentary photographer currently based in Athens, Greece, owner and founder of CUT and DRY Blogzine, and a member of the Photographic Circle Collective.

I hold a Business Administration and Marketing Degree.

For me, street photography is ultimately liberating because it is an expression of my need to look at things differently. I've always been drawn to the power of imagery as a way to express my own completely subjective interpretation of what I feel rather than I see.
I have been awarded in several photography contests, including IPA~International Photography Awards, TIFA Tokyo Foto Awards, Paris Street Photo Awards, JMC Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers Gala Awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris and others. My works have been included in print and digital editions.
I don't believe in imagination, I don't believe in documentation either. I believe in Art.

My interest in street photography maybe stems from my love of old movies and exploring. Having always lived in European cities my images reflect the urban everyday life.

My personal vision focuses on capturing something beyond the regular reality, the soul and the spirit of a city, an object or a trace left by humans that reveal something about life.

I'm passionate about capturing candid moments in public or rural places because I firmly believe that street photography, when done in a thoughtful way, has great value as an art form.
What I photograph is defined by what I believe in.


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