I come from an empty place, an Abysmal void where creativity is shunned and anything different was found to be repulsive. This Liminal space of darkness is called Nebraska, yes you have probably passed through it before, and even I finally Fled, and I now reside in a place of beauty where artistic visions are no longer condemned. I like to draw Surreal Horror with Pen, black only, however I'm trying also to paint, but Ink Pen seems to be what my art wants to be created with.


The harbinger of the Dark

A terror long feared is coming home and you will not recognize it's face, but you shall surly know it's name.......

The Harbinger of the Dark “The Harbinger of the Dark ”

You will not recognize the face but you will surely know it's Name

Desicated Husk's “Desicated Husk's ”

A House is not always a Home, and when the shell appears empty, it just may contain a vast array of unspeakable intrusive evil....

Undulating in the dimming Emptiness “Undulating in the dimming Emptiness ”

Star's burn, they fall, they shoot across the vast astral plane, but they never know what it is to walk the Earth

Desolation “Desolation ”

The desolation of the soul is as searing as the dry desert wind

Caught in The World Wide Web “Caught in The World Wide Web ”

We are all damaged and when you realize nobody is going to fix you, your only recourse is to SCREAM!!