Eleanor Goldstein

Eleanor Goldstein is a painter and sculptor from New York City, working in a variety of mediums. She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists and the Upstream Gallery in Hastings, NY, as well as a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a member of the New York Artists Circle.

Goldstein is a Wurlitzer Foundation Fellow. Her work has been commissioned by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC, selected by the United States Art in the Embassies Program, and exhibited at the Rockefeller Gallery in Pocantico Hills, NY, as well as other galleries and museums in the United States, and in private collections abroad.

A mother, wife, social worker, teacher– Goldstein is, and has always been, a passionate supporter of all the arts.



My recent work is informed by my experiences in the Arctic where I was extraordinarily moved to witness the majestic glaciers which are threatened by climate change. I have been chasing the experience in my studio ever since, especially in the series of works featured in my portfolio (see: Requiem, Night Shadows) and more at eleanorgoldsteinart.com / instagram @eleanorgoldsteinart

Requiem “Requiem ”

Watercolor, 32 x 44

Night Shadows I “Night Shadows I”

Watercolor, 40" x 43"

Night Shadows XV “Night Shadows XV”

Oil on Paper, 37.5" x 49"

Requiem IV “Requiem IV”

Watercolor, 38"x 45"


My work evokes emotion through the investigation of both natural and urban environments, exploring themes of death and rebirth throughout.

Each subject is drawn from striking industrial landscapes and transcendent forms from nature that I encounter. I am particularly interested in the cyclical relationship of decay and rejuvenation in our surroundings. The viewer is invited to journey to places that are almost familiar - more at eleanorgoldsteinart.com / instagram @eleanorgoldsteinart

Abandoned “Abandoned”

Solar Etching on Newspaper, 11"x 15.5"

Indigo Mist “Indigo Mist”

Watercolor, 50"x 44.5"