Rodney Bursiel

Rodney Bursiel is a National Geographic award winning photographer based outside of Austin, TX. While at home he can be found shooting the local music scene but he prefers travelling the world photographing everything from great white sharks to elephants.


Rodney Bursiel Collective

Assortment of some of my latest work.

Double Take “Double Take”

Came across a small herd of elephants while on safari in Kenya. When these two lined up almost perfectly to create what looks like one elephant I couldn't believe it. This was a finalist is the Maasai Mara's Greatest Photographer of the Year in 2021.

Tower “Tower”

Early one morning while in the Mara North, far away from the chaos of the large crowds we came across this tower of giraffe (yes that's what their called). Normally I don't like clear cloudless skies but with the giraffe placed half way between me and the Acacia trees with the clear sky it created such a surreal look, very Dr Suess.