Dy Witt

I have been hand-painting realistic imagery on ceramic art tile for almost 30 years. Although I can paint most anything, my passion is with nature themes such as birds, fish and large exotic wildlife.


One-of-a-Kind Ceramic Art Tiles

For almost 30 years I have hand-painted realistic images on ceramic tile, using multiple firings and many layers in the true ceramic process. For 25 years before that I did animal portraits in colored pencil which prepared me for the layering in ceramic in order to get the realism I am known for. Although I can paint almost anything, my passion is in exotic wildlife and nature themes on murals backsplashes, accents, ornaments, portraits and much more. All my work is one-of-a-kind and fully guaranteed.

Fossil Rock, Canada “Fossil Rock, Canada”

A nice couple got engaged here and wanted to remember this place forever. I painted it on 40 six inch tiles!

Waterhole “Waterhole”

This tile is one 8 inch tile.

Peruvian Cuna “Peruvian Cuna”

This design is my interpretation of a Peruvian ritual Cuna design. It is on one 8 inch tile.

Blue and Gold Macaw “Blue and Gold Macaw”

This image is hand-painted on one 8 inch tile. I wanted it so close that people would afraid he would bite!

Arctic Loon “Arctic Loon”

This is one six inch tile, painted mostly with underglazes , then with clear glaze for the second firing.

Lucy “Lucy”

This image is a portrait of a Labradoodle named Lucy on one 8 inch tile.