Anice Hoachlander

For over thirty years, Anice Hoachlander’s architectural photography has been recognized for its success in bringing to life some of the region’s most eminent residential and commercial structures. Her work has helped clients achieve recognition from more than 350 regional and national design awards.

Recently, Anice has turned her attention toward a macro photography passion project, which resides at the intersection between science and fine art. “Visually, I have always responded to structure and repeating patterns of rhythm, light and shadow – it’s what I see, it’s what I love to photograph”. Guided by her work photographing architectural projects for her clients and a desire to look more closely at the natural world around her, she’s pointing her camera toward the miniature—sometimes the miniscule. Her photographs reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary, placing delicate pressure on the organic constitution of familiar objects—vegetables, flowers, leaves - to reveal the small, intricate patterns that abound. “I consider my photographs of architecture successful if the viewer experiences a communication of subject and place in a way that transcends photography itself.”

Anice is principal and owner of Anice Hoachlander Photography and the founding member of StudioHDP (formerly Hoachlander Davis Photography), a creative group of photographers who specialize in photography of the built environment and landscape architecture. She is also an affiliate member of the American Institute of Architects and serves on the steering committee for Capital Area Custom Residential Architect’s Network (CACRAN).


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