Jean Cherouny

My earliest art lessons as a child inspired my interest in color. I became curious about painting and became an art inventor. Born out of artists and publishers, The Cherouny Press, NYC, I spent my youth at Displaycraft, Bristol, CT, a family business. My love of moving led me to skiing competitively, then mountain biking professionally, and then my invention of abstract wheel painting with my rollerblades. I enjoyed the reminiscent feeling of skiing while working the surface of a painting below my wheels. I graduated from the University of Vermont in Art Education (1991) Magna Cum Laude and went on to pursue my MFA degree, graduating from Johnson State College in 2010.


Horizon Advantage

Rollerblade Paintings. Jean Cherouny’s artistic achievements expand a spirit of creative transcendence through technical invention. As Pollock threw and dripped paint, as Purdum applies paint with her own hands and fingers, Jean Cherouny first went “beyond the brush” using her rollerblade wheels to literally skate paint onto the canvas. Bursting with athletic energy and spirit, her work simultaneously involves eye, mind and body. Jean’s art and public performances have been seen around the world.

Horizon Advantage “Horizon Advantage”

A black oval takes the shape and texture of the artists body movements on the canvas. The colors than boarder the black shape are a portal in time to create transcendence.

Green Field “Green Field”

A green textured field has the boarder in pink and purple. Touching it's top and bottom edges are a hedgerow of burning bush which is a thorny shrub. This abstract construction of color is where Jean visits the emotional connection she finds to nature and herself in nature physically as she paints with her body movements to make each work of art.

Color Prism “Color Prism”

Square and triangle shapes layered in the illuminated colors of yellow, blue, green and black share the architectural world Jean inhabits with her paint. She moves the color leaving her wheels marks instead of her brush marks.

Patio Picnic “Patio Picnic”

The Pink party on the patio is reminiscent of a piazza that she creates as a simplified color field with areas that her body takes her. You experience the energy of her textured tines but also her awareness of space in this large open field inside the boarders of the canvas.

Blue Line “Blue Line”

A simple blue line across the horizon in blue acrylic paint is the mark of a colorful sunset that Jean has experienced in her body and made into a painting using her rollerblade skates.

Afloat “Afloat”

The colors of a deep blue sea and the shore line appear in the imagination as red and orange strips. The energy of the moving tide is a complex system broken down into an ordered composition in Jean's top down vision.