Marylou Mullan

Born in Queens, New York, I was a bit of a sullen girl, reading, drawing, and Loving the frightening games kids play outside in the DARK .
Combine this with 13 years of parochial school and voila! An awesome imagination.
I attended some college and a bit of art school, traveled the country, and gave many pastimes and occupations a go before settling down with a great man and raising two “perfect sons.”
I taught art in the Florida public school system and, in my spare time, I painted.

Now, I paint and use my spare time for everything else. I have a studio in downtown Vero Beach, Florida and my paintings of Orange groves and Oceans reside in collections across the country, as well as Europe and South America.



These are my paintings of Oceans, Skies, Flowers, Trees and whatever strikes me. I live on the edge of the Atlantic, so I never run out of inspiration.

Pink ocean “Pink ocean”

Yes, the ocean really is this color, sometimes.
48x60 on canvas

Poppies “Poppies”

This bouquet is still glorious, even though this sunrise could be its last. As Parker wrote, “Transient beauty, living death.”

Acrylic 36x48 on canvas

Before they all fly away “Before they all fly away”

Another flower piece following the same idea of beauty and how fleeting it is.

Acrylic 60x48 on canvas

Constitution island “Constitution island”

I painted this in a parking lot on the Bear Mountain Parkway looking out at the point on the Hudson River where a massive chain was strung across the waters in hopes of repelling British Warships.
Acrylic 48x18

100 dollar room, million dollar view “100 dollar room, million dollar view ”

I got to sit on the terrace of this funky motel and paint this gorgeous view of the Hudson River. Even the leaky power plant looks spectacular.
Acrylic 24x30

Newport “Newport”

There is no color more beautiful in the world than the color of the Bahamas.
Acrylic 36x48 on canvas

Vanishing Groves #45 “Vanishing Groves #45”

As you can see, this is number 45. I love to paint the orange groves in Florida, even though they’ve been decimated by development and disease. They still glow.
48x60 on canvas

Saint Joseph’s day in the ninth ward, New Orleans. “Saint Joseph’s day in the ninth ward, New Orleans.”

An explosion of color and costumes! And it all took place in the middle of the destruction of a hurricane. This guy was absolutely fabulous.
Acrylic on canvas, detail from a large canvas

Mangroves “Mangroves ”

Amazing to paint, and even more important to preserve.
Acrylic 36x48 on canvas

Pink sky “Pink sky”

Another beautiful Florida sunrise. How can itI possibly be different every day, day after day? It can!
Acrylic 36x48 on canvas

Water lilies “Water lilies ”

Once a year this beautiful water Lily garden is opened up to artists so they can come and paint these amazing flowers.
Acrylic 12x36 on canvas

Hardscrabble Road Apple Orchard “Hardscrabble Road Apple Orchard ”

I how you can catch the scents of apple cider and fresh’s a bit spooky….
Acrylic 36x48 on Masonite

Ice Mountain “Ice Mountain”

30x40 on canvas

Vanishing Groves # 50 “Vanishing Groves # 50”

The trees are missing many branches but the oranges are glorious.
Acrylic 30x40 on canvas

Another ocean “Another ocean ”

Restless and yellow
Acrylic on canvas

The new model “The new model”

This pen and paper sketch says it all about this very effervescent model.

Tired “Tired”

She worked all day and
Modeled tonight. Not happy, but a joy to draw.
Pastel and cardboard

Vanishing Groves #53 “Vanishing Groves #53”

A much more fanciful rendition of my beloved orange trees.
24x24 on canvas

The Recital “The Recital”

Never go to a recital without a sketchbook.
Pencil 10x12

Easter “Easter”

Yellow tulips in a glass vase, appearing quite primitive.
18x24 acrylic on masonite

Falcon Heavy “Falcon Heavy”

Anyone living anywhere nearby the Kennedy space Center knows what this is.
30x40 acrylic on canvas

Yellow House “Yellow House”

I love the old Florida architecture. It’s disappearing quickly, so I capture it whenever I see it.
36x36 on canvas

Rene’s cement pond “Rene’s cement pond”

Another beautiful old Florida house. A cement pool, fed by an artesian well. Paradise.
Acrylic on canvas

Hudson “Hudson”

A quick painting of this beautiful river.
Acrylic on canvas

BOGO on the gladiolus “BOGO on the gladiolus ”

Another still life depicting the transient beauty of flowers.
Acrylic on canvas

River side mangrove “River side mangrove ”

A plan air painting on the river.
Acrylic on canvas

The Johns House “The Johns House”

Another wonderful old Florida house down between the ocean and the river.
Acrylic on canvas

Peekskill “Peekskill”

This ancient tree dwarfs everything around it.
Acrylic on canvas

Vanishing Grove#56 “Vanishing Grove#56”

Acrylic on canvas

Misty oranges. “Misty oranges.”

Misty oranges. Even the branches speak for themselves.
Acrylic on canvas

City or sunset “City or sunset”

In this painting, I’m not sure whether I am heading out into a beautiful sunset or returning to a city brilliantly lit.
Acrylic on canvas

My brothers garage “My brothers garage”

This garage is in Connecticut, and because I saw it on the ground to paint it, it has pieces of grass mixed in with the paint. How authentic!
Acrylic on canvas

Linda’s Gate “Linda’s Gate”

Acrylic on canvas

Stevo’s Pepper Trail Farm “Stevo’s Pepper Trail Farm”

The end of the season.
Acrylic 12x36

Sexton Ranch “Sexton Ranch”

I was surrounded by cows. Next time I have to paint them.
Acrylic on canvas

Vanishing Grove’s number 55 “Vanishing Grove’s number 55”

Vanishing Grove’s number 55
Acrylic on canvas 36x36

The Majestics “The Majestics”

The Majestics
Acrylic on canvas