Martinu Schneegass

Martinu Schneegass, born 1951 in Bremerhaven, Germany
Masters in Architecture (Darmstadt) and Fine Arts (Paris), worked in architecture and medical advertising, art exhibits in 6 countries, most recently Van der Plas Gallery and Pictor Gallery in New York lives in New York, US. Recent works: Watercolors after AI compositions of random photographs and this year: Psychograms, explorations of painting from the subconscious (acrylics)


exploration of the subconscious

the images, painted in acrylics, are an attempt to access imagery of the subconscious, they are spontaneous "findings"perhaps similar to Ecriture Automatique and are allowed to evolve from painting to painting oscillating between the abstract and forms that seem to represent somewhat familia.

Psychogram14 “Psychogram14”

7/22 acrylic on paper, 18x24" intuitive painting for sale, currently at $800 unframed

psychogram6 “psychogram6”

6/22 acrylic on paper, 12.25x18" intuitive painting, currently for sale for $500 unframed

Psychogram10 “Psychogram10”

7/22 acrylic on paper, 24x18", intuitive painting, currently for sale for $800 unframed