Anne Mortier

Anne Mortier

Location: France

My latest shapes are threedimensional translucent watercolors inspired by the sea
They capture light in a subtle way revealing the connection between inside and outsight of the form. In these pieces experiment is crucial, the way I place forms in the kiln defines the distortion and altering of the piece, gravity does its work while the clay is weak during firing proces. I embrace the fire taking over, transforming the soft clay into a beautiful vitrified material.
Porcelain frail and brittle like life itself.

There’s another important facet to my work. Initially I create because I have the urge. I can’t live without it, but there is a moment when you must take distance. An object is made by his creator but completed by the person who looks at it. Every individual giving his own meaning and interpretation to it, makes the work what it was ment for. To be seen throughout the eyes of others.


La Poulpe

Inspired by sea life, my creatures live under the surface