Julia Washburn

Hello, I´m Julia and I love capturing beauty in life. I seek to create photographs that awaken wonder, helping myself and others see ordinary things in unique, beautiful ways to feel surprise, joy, and hope. In the busyness of life, we can get so overwhelmed, inward-focused, and disenchanted that we do not feel connected to something greater than ourselves. When we can’t see our place in an unfolding story, we are not vibrant contributors to society. However, when we are moved by wonder, ordinary becomes extraordinary and impossible becomes possible.

* * *
For years, I’ve been drawn to art forms that convey my understanding of truth, hope, and the unfathomable grace of Jesus’ shed blood for redemption and restoration of mankind. As a trained pianist, nuance, tone, and structure shape my performance. As a graphic designer, organization, space, and simplicity conduct my message. As a photographer, line, unsung detail, and story give voice to beauty.

The seed of photography interest was planted as a child when my father, employed by Eastman Kodak, shared the magic of dark room film development with my brother and me. In 2011, I entered the DSLR world, then developed a fondness for the quiet of a mirrorless camera. More recently I learned the craft of fine art printing and framing.

I enjoy an almost-daily morning routine in my kitchen studio, in a garden with camera in hand, or digital dark room exploring old and new, light and shadow, hoping to discover the beautiful. The rest of my days I manage Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC, a business my husband Kevin and I built. We are grateful to marry our interests, creating classroom applications of neurocognitive research by developing programs and professional development for teachers in the areas of critical thinking, creativity, learning, reading, and writing.

Originally from upstate New York, we have called the greater Birmingham area of Alabama home for a little more than 25 years.



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