Wim Prummel

My creatures are like broken parts of a distorted mirror; reflecting all kinds of schizoide parts of myself.
In fact, they mirror this crazy world.
Thanks to this expression i keep a sane view of myself and all other living beings on this beautiful planet.
Sudden changes make me switch from using my ears to using my eyes more and more for creative art.
Although work is like therapy, i can't deny vanity:
in this world we want to be seen; we want likes to hide all uncertainties of existence.
I am not that painter, not that musician or poet, not the internet-star; i am not even myself.
All is me and i am connected to all there is.


What have i done ?

City of lost souls “City of lost souls”

Collage,acryl, charcoal on hard board with frame. 100 x 140 cm.

Water dance “Water dance”

Collage, acryl, charcoal on hard board with frame. 100x 140 cm.

The resurrection of the animal “The resurrection of the animal”

Collage on board 124 x 70 cm. Acryl.

Offering to Ol Doinyo Lengai “Offering to Ol Doinyo Lengai”

At the end of a quest in the land of the Masai, i made an offering made of found organics and offered it to The Mountain of God, according to the Masai, who believe that God lives in the Volcano.
Photo printed black 'n white, transposed on board and painted with acryl and charcoal. Finished with Plextol.

Transcending Eye “Transcending Eye”

Collage on board, acryl, finished with Plextol. 54,5 x 94,5 cm