Milind Nayak

milind nayak

Location: India

Milind Nayak, over the last few years has established himself as one of the
finest artists in the country. His works adorn the homes of collectors in India,
England, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Malaysia and the USA.
He is also represented in important corporate collections. He has held over thirty
solo shows including three shows in USA and participated in group shows in London.
A self taught painter, Milind has worked in several disciplines like photography and
digital art.

A prolific painter, Milind works in different media like oils, watercolors, pastels and other media.

Milind’s paintings are variously described as “...a raw impulsive release
of creativity” and “a succession of lyrical and evocative paintings with a
natural flow of colours”. Viewers have felt that his works are as “tempestuous
as magical reality, vivid, fevered. Having the flow of an uninterrupted song”.


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