Vanessa Nahoul Serio

Vanessa Nahoul Serio

Location: Mexico

Vanessa Nahoul is a mexican born artist, of lebanese origin, who has shown special interest in conveying through painting the expressiveness of the emigrant human soul. That is, the ability that every human being has to transform into a better person by means of his affections, emotions and all that is expressed through the human figure: the skin color, the facial expressions, the gestures as well as the postures and movement of the human body. She thinks of the colors she uses and the nude figures she sometimes depicts as sacred forms which are able to express the depth of the human soul, its essence and enable the communication between individuals, and between artist and spectator, in an intimate, spiritual yet universal manner.
She´s author of the following series of paintings: "Dream Passages", and "The Emigration of the Gaze", the most recent "Dreams and reminiscences in Paradise", and "Matters of the Sacred Heart".

She thinks that art can be a vehicle for transformation of the world and of ourselves, it is also a way of communicating the innermost human essence and it is a catalyst for creative thinking and a conduit for cultural advancement in which beauty, love and truth prevail.

Vanessa has exhibited her work individually on several occasions at different campuses of the prestigious private university in Mexico City: Universidad del Valle de México and at the Lebanese Art Gallery among other places. She´s also exhibited her work in Chicago, New York, Florence´s Contemporary Art Biennale and Prague.

Vanessa started her studies in 1991 at the studio of painter and sculptor Gilda Solis. She then studied at the fine arts Academia de San Carlos, in Mexico City for 3 years with Master Javier Anzures. After that, she entered the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas (National School for Plastic Arts) with Master Luis Nishizawa from 1997-1999 and at the drawing atelier of Master Aureliano Sanchez from 1998 to 2002. She has a degree in Communication (Universidad Iberoamericana) a has postgraduate studies in Psychoanalysis which has helped her to understand more about the human nature.


Dreams and Reminiscences of Paradise II

This portfolio shows some of the images belonging to the series "Dreams and Reminiscences in Paradise II", oil on canvas or paper.

The Painting of My Life “The Painting of My Life”

One paints, stroke by stroke, the painting of one´s personal life. The nudity of the feminine figure intends to show the nobility of the soul which has to honestly face itself with the truth of what the painting is turning into. During the process of painting one´s life, there is a chance to transform the dark, maybe even ugly parts of the picture into a more harmonious and luminous image which in turn may help to change one´s life after all.