Fred Loring

Based in Dallesport, WA. I'm a retired Truck Driver and self-taught at Digital photographic art,
I have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes all across America in my 20 yrs on the road I love to photograph, nature and man-made relics in Oregon/Washington and around the great North West.


Fred L Loring, Through My Eyes

I have created over 300 images over the years the images Im showing in this portfolio are my personal favorites.

Sasquatch 2020 “Sasquatch 2020”

This image was captured in northeast Washington on a reservation it sits alongside an HWY in a random place in the woods it is a full-size wood carving artist is unknown someone placed a mask on it as a joke I had to capture the image

Nelson Homestead “Nelson Homestead”

The Nelson Homestead was located in Northeastern Oregon it was considered to be the most photographed homestead in Oregon it was destroyed by a wield fire in 2018

Heavenly Pelicans “Heavenly Pelicans”

I created this image, using a photo I captured of these Pelicans in flite and by changing the background I was able to get this Heavenly image.

Homestead, along the Oregon Trail B/W “Homestead, along the Oregon Trail B/W”

This old Homestead was totally demolished I believe in 2014 it was one of my favorite places to go and photograph

The Indian Shaker Church and Gulick Homestead The Dalles, OR “The Indian Shaker Church and Gulick Homestead The Dalles, OR”

This is an image of the historic Indian Shaker Church and Gulick in The Dalles, OR, the bridge in the background is located in The Dalles also this was done in a sepia and Tilt-Shift effect.