Luca Ripamonti

Luca Ripamonti

Location: Italy

The winner of the golden palm for visual arts, Luca Ripamonti was born in Milan, Italy, in 1964, but when he was only 5 years old his family moved to the 'valley of painters' geographical area of the upper Verbano known for its high concentration of artists of local and international level. Gifted with a prodigious aptitude for drawing , it was thanks to a prominent local painter who noticed his innate talent that convinced him to begin his studies at the local art school when he was only 11 years old. He studied at the school of comics in Milan, which, however, he abandoned before graduating to devote himself to the study of painting at the atelier of the painter ugo da vila, who would guide him for the next 10 years. It was here that he would deepen and develop a love for Italian Renaissance and Baroque techniques, which he would never abandon.
Refusing to have to turn his art into work, he supported himself by working in a variety of fields . In the 1980s he opened a gymnasium that he ran for a few years. in the 1990s he embarked on a promising musical career as a jazz drummer studying with such masters as paul motian, enrico lucchini. Since 2015 he decided to focus totally on his artwork, but he will turn professional in 2020
Luca has exhibited in various galleries and important venues between Europe and the United States :he has exhibited at Meam in Barcelona, Agora Gallery in New York, Louvre in Paris



Opere ad olio di genere realista

senza di te tornavo “senza di te tornavo”

Opera realizzata per la rassegna 'Omaggio a Pasolini ultimo Atto'. L'opera prende origine dalla Poesia ' Senza di te tornavo' , nella quale l'autore descriveva il forte senso di solitudine della sua esistenza.

Giglio e susina “Giglio e susina”

oil on canvas-cm 30x24 y. 2020

Lemon and fruits “Lemon and fruits”

oil on canvas - cm 30x40- y. 2021

When you sleep i watch you “When you sleep i watch you”

The observer silently peers at the sleeping body of the beloved, creating a suggestion of desire, passion, and feelings for the one he loves.

Maria Magdalena “Maria Magdalena”

A modern depiction of the pain and passion of one of the most tragic and significant events in human history