Nicole Cohen

Nicole Cohen received a BA from Hampshire College (Amherst, Massachusetts) and a MFA (University of Southern California). She has exhibited at the Williams College Museum of Art and the Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia, PA), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum, and the New York Public Library. She has also shown internationally in Berlin, Germany; Bergen, Norway; Paris, France; Harajaku, Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo, Japan; and Shanghai, China. In 2011, she had her third museum exhibition,”Driving in Circles” at the American University Museum Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C. In September 2011, she unveiled a public art sculpture, “Interiors: Marilyn, Michael, and Versailles” in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. In 2012, she had created an interactive video installation at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

She is also the Creative Director/ Founder of the Berlin Collective,


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