Jennifer Faun Manne

Faun Manne is a contemporary artist from the greater Chicagoland area. She is a graduate of the fFashion Institute Design (associate of fine arts, New York City in 1980.), the Otis Art Institute of the Parsons school of design.(bachelor of fine arts, LA . 1985.) add the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. ( master of fine arts, Chicago, 2019.). Faun worked in the fashion industry as a fashion, designer and illustrator for over 17 years in LA. In 1995 she opened her own line of bustiers and bra— dresses which she showed at the screaming accessories show room in Los Angeles fashion District. She sold to such.stores as Bebe, Cachet and dozens of small boutiques, across the United States and Europe. She also designed and illustrated freelance for many rock bands in & individual clients.

In 2014 Faun moved home to Chicago to pursue a career in fine arts. She attended several art schools such as the art house & the Hyde Park Art Center. Receiving Art Certificates before attending the school of the arts institute of Chicago for her masters degree. She has participated in dozens of shows since 2014.( both group and solo.). She also exhibits online at SAATCHI art, fine art America, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Faun works from her home studio producing art. She also attends life drawing classes, as well as many art gallery shows as she can to gain perspectives on her own work, as well as keeping current with the art world. Faun’s favorite artists are Egon Schiele, and Wengechi Mutu. Faun keeps current on the fashion world, as it still influences her work to a great degree.


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