Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher

Location: Canada


Susan Fisher MA BFA Encaustic Artist

Susan Fisher has been an Encaustic Artist for more than 20 years. "Beeswax Encaustic is a magnificent medium allowing me to create paintings with wonderful luminosity, texture and depth. I use photo transfers to evoke a sense of intrigue, inviting the viewer to imagine their own story."
The elements of Beeswax Encaustic lend a delightful dynamic to each painting. As the light changes throughout the day and into the evening, different layers dominate so there is a constant shifting of shapes and colours. You will always enjoy exploring different visual experiences within one simple piece of art!

Winter Sunrise along Jackson Park “Winter Sunrise along Jackson Park”

This work is Beeswax Encaustic with Oil Stick and Photo Transfer on board. My home and studio is situated in The Kawarthas/Peterborough ON, There is a magnificent public nature trail that runs along an old railroad track and joins up to the TransCanada Trail. I enjoy walking it through various seasons and am inspired by the energy of the ancient trees and sparkling water of the creek running through.

Spring Illusions “Spring Illusions”

Medium:Encaustic, Oil Stick and Photo Transfer on Board
Canadian winters while beautiful and magical seem to last far too long. As Spring approaches agonizingly slowly, I begin to dream about the glorious explosion of Spring flowers and bird song. This Painting evokes that wistful waiting, knowing all will awake again but hoping sooner than later.
This piece is also full of lovely texturing which gives a vibrant dynamic to the composition