Arina Khlebnikova

I was born in a family far removed from the art world, my mom's a teacher at school, and my dad was a military pilot. For as long as I can remember, I have been painting. My mother noticed my desire to draw and sent me to art school, but I didn’t finish it. Only when I started working I decided to finish the art course. My main inspiration comes from deep inside and through observation of natural scenes and events. I paint flowers, the sunshine, animals, blue color, the smell of green grass, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and everything that makes me happy. Each painting is one of a kind. Art is my meditation and I find my happiness in it. I develop myself every day. I use different materials: oil, pastel, graphic, watercolour. I consider myself a multi-dimensional and independent artist, who can't imagine life without painting.


colors of nature

“Falling Into Fantasy” ““Falling Into Fantasy””

70×50 sm

Oil on canvas

“Mirror lake” ““Mirror lake””

50×45 sm

Oil on canvas

“New Colouring Horizon” ““New Colouring Horizon””

70×50×1.5 sm

Oil on canvas

“In the shadow” ““In the shadow””

40×50 sm

Oil on canvas