Stephen Heagan Dba Artemis Animal Art

I have been painting, drawing and illustrating since early childhood. Inspired by a deep concern for preserving the planet's biodiversity and recognizing the soulful connections people enjoy with their pets, I find great satisfaction in conveying the importance of the natural world through my art.

My first commercial job was designing a much photographed stained glass ceiling and carriage lamps using antique Tiffany glass for the world-famous Maxwell's Plum restaurant in Manhattan. I also painted a 35’ wide canvas in the pointillist style for the restaurant, which drew its inspiration from a visit to Maxim's in Paris.

After moving to the Bay Area in the 1970s, I owned an art gallery and started a successful artist cooperative in Berkeley; all while running a successful graphic arts business and creating several lines of furniture. At the same time I received commissions for several large residential and commercial murals. For many years afterwards, designing and building custom projects became my main focus.

In 2016, after a close friend's beloved pet passed away, I embarked on a new artistic path; creating highly personalized pet portraits via commission. During the pandemic, my drawings of people and their pets were twice chosen by San Francisco's DeYoung Museum to illustrate themes of hope and resilience in their newsletters.

More recently, my interest has expanded to include wild and endangered species and my work has appeared in group shows in Northern California where I reside.


Artemis Animal Art

Hand drawn, photo-realistic drawings of wild, endangered and domesticated animals.

For each drawing in this series purchased, I donate 10% of net proceeds to an affiliated animal protection group for the animal portrayed. We as humans are largely responsible for the destruction of habitat on this planet. Let's not wait until more species become endangered. We need to act now to create hope and change the future of this planet while there is still time.

African Bull Elephant “African Bull Elephant”

this is a critically endangered species

Afican Lion “Afican Lion”

This is a critically endangered species

Jumping Peacock Spider “Jumping Peacock Spider”

Endangered due to habitat loss.

Scarlet Macaw “Scarlet Macaw”

This species struggles for survival in Central & South American Jungles.