Curriculum Vitae: Oreydis Maceo Correoso Education -1990-1995. Jose Maria Heredia & Heredia, Vocational School of Art. -1995-2000. Jose Joaquin Tejada Plastic Arts School in Santiago de Cuba. -2000-2004. Superior Institute of the Arts with emphasis on: -Drawing and Painting -Ceramics and Scenography. -Interior and Exterior decor and ambient design -Paper Making, -Diploma Quintana Roo, Mexico, in Visual Art.
Solo Exhibitions -1997. San Luis Municipal Museo in Santiago de Cuba. -1997. Reflection on the edge of a chasm on a tightrope, Patio of the gallery east of Santiago de Cuba -1999. Pasiones y Encantos, Cultural Information Bureau of Santiago de Cuba. -1999-2000. Jews Synagogue, Santiago de Cuba. -2001. Mella Gallery, Santiago de Cuba. -2003. Casa Diego Velásquez, Santiago de Cuba. -2003. Exhibition: “Time and Space”, Castillo del Morro de Santiago de Cuba. -2003. Exhibition: “Much of My Time” Cultural Athenaeum Antonio Bravo Correoso, Santiago de Cuba. -2004. Exhibition: “Art on the Rocks”, Castillo del Morro de Santiago de Cuba.
Group Exhibits and other collaborations -1995. Exhibition: “Blanket for a Cesar”, Chibirico Gallery, Santiago de Cuba. -1995-2000. Permanent exhibition in the Main Hall at the San Luis City Gallery -1997. Art Instructor, Santiago de Cuba. -1997. Ecological Art, Santiago de Cuba. -1997. Exhibition for the Anniversary of the Art Foundation of San Luis City, Santiago de Cuba. -1997-1998. Art Instructors Municipal Hall at San Luis City Gallery, Santiago de Cuba. -1999. Exhibition: “Meditations of 10” at the Meadow of the Sculptures, Santiago de Cuba. -2001 - 2004. Caribean Origen International Hall, Santiago de Cuba. -2001. Embassador’s Hall, Cuban Embassy in Dominican Republic. -2002. Exhibition: “Local Authors” San Luis, Santiago de Cuba. -2003. Exhibition: “Homenaje a los noventa de Ruperto Jay Matamoros”, Galería San Luis Santiago de Cuba. -2005. Exhibition: “Constants Abstracts”, Orígenes Gallery, Habana, Cuba. -2007, 2008, 2009. Malecon Art Project, Habana, Cuba. -2009, 2010. Art Fair, Habana, Cuba. -2009, 2010, 2011. Taught art workshops for children’s Project in Ile Bata Project, Habana, Cuba -2011. Exhibition in “Friends Fair Show” la Habana, in collaboration with fashion show and gropu Pasarela de la Calle. -2012. Art workshops for children at “Light of the Future” Project in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. México. -2012, 2013. Art workshops for children and adults at Cultural Center in Puerto Morelos, Quintan Roo Cancun . -2016-Present. Permanent Art exhibition, Collectors & Le Vernissage Galleries of Fine Arts in Carmel Ca.
AWARDS AND HONORARY MENTIONS. -2nd Place Municipal Hall, San Luis, 1996 Santiago de Cuba. -Honorary Mention, Popular Art Fair, 1997 Santiago de Cuba. -Honorary Mention, Municipal Hall, San Luis, 1997 Santiago de Cuba. - Honorary Mention , Provincial Hall for Plastic Arts, 1997 Santiago de Cuba. -3er Place, Municipal Hall, 1999 Santiago de Cuba. -1er Place, Art Instructor’s Municipal Hall, 1999 Santiago de Cuba. - Honorary Mention, Plastic Arts Municipal Hall, 2000 Santiago de Cuba.


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