Location: Iceland

My name is Einar Lars Jónsson (Larz)

My interest in photography started 2006 using my Nokia telephone, later the family camera and finally in 2021 I bought a pro camera and started for real. I feel like treasure hunting when I go out to find materials and new places because there is always something new to discover. No disturbance and full focus helps me connect with the elements of Iceland. I take pictures of almost everything but forms, textures and colours attract my attention. Last year was unbelievable and managed to exhibit in New York, Rome and Stockholm but it is still early days and I have a lot to learn. Hope you like the them.


First 5

Icelandic nature is something else.

Earth “Earth”

A gem hidden in plane sight. Icelandic earth materials.

Depth “Depth”

This picture has something to do with sub conscience.

Troll “Troll”

He look right at me, like he was watching me. Taken at a secret location, my favorite place.

Elves “Elves”

The feeling was elvish when I found them, near the river that seemed like their home.

Land “Land”

Geothermal ground.