Philippe Borremans

Philippe Borremans

Location: Portugal

Philippe Borremans, alias Ketje, is a Belgian by birth and currently lives in Portugal. As a child, he grew up with stories of Jules Verne and Tintin on the moon and has never stopped reading science fiction since. When he's not travelling the globe for his job as an emergency risk communication consultant specialising in epidemics, he's working on his artificial intelligence-assisted art, creating blueprints of imaginary spaceships and bringing his future worlds to life by giving each piece of art a story. Philippe's goal is to make his creations as realistic as possible so that people can travel through space and time with the help of his artwork.


Blueprint Series

Ever since I read Jules Verne - the father of science fiction and the second most translated author in the world - at the age of 7, I have been in love with imaginary worlds and narratives.

As a child of about 8, I watched the reruns of the original "Start Treks" every Wednesday afternoon and was soon completely enchanted by the world of Star Wars when "A New Hope" came out in 1977.

This, along with my passion for geography and history, led me to love travelling and discovering new cultures. Something I put into practice when I emigrated to Morocco and later to Portugal, where I now live.

Professionally (apart from being an artist/creative, I am a trained emergency risk communication professional) I soon got involved with technology. In 1999, I started working for IBM and discovered the internet. This led to my early involvement with 'new media' and from 2003 I became a prolific blogger.

Since then, I have always been on the lookout for the next tool, the next technical invention and the next trend. That led me to artificial intelligence a few years ago, and that's how I can express myself today through art and digital creation.

I invite you to look at my creations and see if they touch you. If they do not, that's completely fine with me - art is above all subjective. But if they make you imagine faraway places, touch you emotionally or make you want to explore and travel, then I am very happy.

Let me know and welcome to my world!