Keith Mellard

I was born and raised in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and grew up in contact with the work of local artists, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. I have my heroes, - Donatello, Brancusi, Noguchi and many others.

I sculpt, which uses the skills I had developed over many years. Artists owe a debt to craftsmanship, and I prefer to do everything from design to finished piece, otherwise there can be no evolution during the process of making, and the artist becomes another client.

I prefer handwork. I like carving, though I do work in all materials.

Carving is material music with a very profound rhythm.

My abstract works are figurative in origin.

I explain the aim of my work by saying I am ’giving a shape to feelings'.

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Some of my work

This is what I do, to please myself - and no one else.