Lee Pina

To view a complete portfolio of work, please visit www.leepina.com.

My artistic journey has become a spiritual one as well … becoming more spontaneous and minimal as I seek to express more with simplicity.

While texture and color are the core of my work, I am exploring what can be created from ‘no-thing’, without an end in mind. I want to create an internal experience, an expression of feeling …mine and yours!

I paint because there are no words. I hope my work will draw something out from inside you!



Always texture! I express using a variety of mediums from watercolor, acrylics and enamels but always on a textured ground. Plaster is my favorite but tissue, sand and other materials that absorb and retract light and create movement are used as well.

Silk Road “Silk Road”

Silk Road is the first in an ongoing series of 'soul expressions'. This piece highlights the use of concentrated watercolor applied to highly textured plaster on wood. Measures 15" x 48" x 0.5".

Decide “Decide”

Painted with interior enamel paints applied to a thin layer of plaster on canvas. Decide measures 24" x 30".

Pieces of Me “Pieces of Me”

Pieces of Me is one of a set of two pieces created with watercolor and tissue mounted on canvas. 10" x 10" .

La Pasion “La Pasion”

La Pasion uses a random combination of acrylics applied to paper with the press technique. It is part of an large ongoing series of 5" x 7" small works. Visit www.leepina.com to see the complete portfolio.

Magma “Magma”

8" x 48" x 0.75", Acrylic, Plaster, MDF, 2011

Obsidian Forming “Obsidian Forming”

8" x 48" x 0.75", Acrylic, Plaster, MDF, 2011

Brass Threads “Brass Threads”

16" x 16" Acrylic on Wood, 2011

Journey “Journey”

14" x 14" Acrylic on Tissue, Canvas, 2008