Ramón Rivas




He was born in Lands of Don Quixote (Castilla-La Mancha / Spain). His family environment and the multidisciplinary influence of his professional activity; in sports, music, engineering, inventions and art, in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid, she was decisive for the artistic creation of a very personal and different style, called Rivismo, based on the application of the Experiential Brushstroke. During the last eighteen years, his research has managed to reinforce the Concepts and Philosophy that predominate in Rivismo and that have given prominence to the material elements to which he has assigned aspects, functions and values of people.
He has held exhibitions in; Spain, China, South Korea, Italy, Denmark, the United States, among others. In addition, there are works in the collection of Museums in; Spain, Denmark and South Korea. The influence of the Internet; Websites, Blogs and Social Networks have quickly contributed to making his work known. In response to this diffusion, he has been recognized with invitations to international exhibitions, interviews, inclusion in art books and magazines, and being awarded multiple and prestigious international awards.


My work has a strong personal identity that I apply freely and without limitations. I use my creativity to be different and look for new artistic proposals that surprise and excite.
My imagination is essential to develop creative and innovative works that positively interact with the viewer's gaze. My work is orderly and methodical. I supervise the good execution and composition, I incorporate scientific themes, and I make the painting a passable space for the spectator. As a result, I create images with precision, with astonishing density and visually captivating depth. Art professionals have cataloged my work as; of unique creativity and extraordinary aesthetics.
My works seek to be a source of provocation that encourages the viewer to participate and turns him into a creative artist during his tour of the stage and while the images recorded on his retina last.


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