Daswyf is a South African artist inspired by science, nature, and maths. Her art contains elements of impressionistic, expressionistic, and modern art.

Using her lifelong formal and informal training in both science and art, scientific models and mathematical formulas are visible in her ocean range and her
selfcare range creates awareness of finding a balance in life from the viewpoint of a mother.

Daswyf strongly supports the conservation and rehabilitation of the natural environment whilst development takes place and elements of this theme is emergent in her artworks.
She stands up for what is right,for equal rights, acceptance, and proclaims the strength of women to believe in themselves and to rise, to feel worthy, loved and capable.

She drives an anti-bullying and anti-abuse movement and is determined to bring a positive change to the world.

Daswyf is Authentic in her art, and to express herself she incorporates different instruments to paint, such as large composite brushes, natural materials and even spades.

Together - colour, texture, and movement form her words in the universal language of art.

The world and it's inhabitants need a drive towards positive growth, the protection and an abundance of compassion and respect coming from a place of love. Daswyf is here to bring that change and to remind you that you can do it too!


SciMath Ocean

Daswyf's ocean range is embedded with scientific and mathematical elements. Vivid colours entertain the viewer and lifts the mood. The artworks have an Impressionistic and expressionistic feel. Hear the sound of her art, for the message her use of colours convey is speaking LOUDLY!

Bitcoin whale – A new dawn is growing “Bitcoin whale – A new dawn is growing”

This painting depicts a whale with the name of Elon musk and Grimes’ son X Æ A-Xii on his body. A miniscule Bitcoin sign can be seen in the reflection on the whale’s eye. The mathematical formula for exponential growth is painted on the artwork. The vibrant use of colour signifies positivity and growth. This artwork is sure to brighten any room.

When you dream, you can design and create great things. Elon Musk is changing the world in wonderful ways. Self-drive cars, space travel and driving crypto to the new way of transacting. It sounds like a sci-fi movie… If Elon can drive these great things in the world – Imagine what great things his son X Æ A-Xii will bring to this world by learning from his parents. A new dawn is rising. Great worlds can be created, first you have to dream it.

Algorithmic Octopus “Algorithmic Octopus”

This artwork illustrates the concept of schooling/swarming via an unimodal optimization algorithm. When we look at schooling fish, the Barycenter (center of mass) is calculated based on the position and weight of each fish. Then when the total school weight has increased from the previous iteration the fish are attracted to the Barycenter according to the formula on the artwork.

In the artwork all the fish are congregating towards the Octopus via its tentacles, making the octopus the barycenter.

The abundant use of yellow, lifts the mood radiating from this artwork. The cooler use of blue, green and purple tones contrast with the warm yellow background and creates an interesting play for the eyes, keeping ones interest flowing throughout the work.

Seahorse of Infinity “Seahorse of Infinity”

This vivid artwork is a blast of colour. The mythical feel of this work draws ones mind to thoughts of joining in on a journey of fantasy & adventure. Who is this creature and where is he going? The tail of the seahorse is twisted into the infinity symbol. I wonder what story about this creature will unfold.

Seaturtle - Water Is Life “Seaturtle - Water Is Life”

Sea turtles are such magnificent creatures. Just look at that Sea turtle, swimming with flare, covered with a rainbow quilted shell, gliding through clean water. I love seeing this sea turtle so happy, and I know you do too.

In the background the ball-and-stick model of water can be seen. With the big Oxygen atom in the middle flanked by a Hydrogen on either side of the Oxygen atom.

There are 7 species of Sea turtles (marine). Because of human activities and climate change. Nearly all species of sea turtle are now classified as endangered, with three of the seven existing species being critically endangered.

Let us all be mindful to reduce our carbon footprint. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Circle Seal “Circle Seal”

The seal is playfully swimming in a circle. The warm colours of the seal draws the eye and creates a sense of softness together with her serene expression. Focus is drawn to the seal where your eyes move around the white focal point just above the seals head, creating the illusion that the seal is moving.

The formula for the circumference of a circle is painted on the artwork.


Life moves fast - stop, take a moment and recharge. You are strong, you are capable, and you are worthy of respect coming from a place of love and compassion.
You are a woman and you can succeed. You can fly a spaceship, you can design skyscrapers, you can save lives, you can create, you can make a house a home. YOU CAN!

Mom Soaking In Bath “Mom Soaking In Bath”

Mom Soaking in Bath


Category: Art
The pace of the world is fast and sometimes you just have to stand still for a moment and recharge. Self-care is crucial, something we all need. As a mom I realized how much I need to take care of myself so that I have a full cup of enthusiasm, smiles, kindness, strength, will-power, love, and peace to give to my kids and the world.

In the painting the bright warm colours that surround the mom are soothing yet strong. The contrasting colours signify the inner conflict of self-care, symbolizing the tension between what is important and what is urgent. Strong, bold brush strokes signify the inner strength of a mother – the glue of the family. She cooks, she cleans, she makes sure everyone is dressed and ready for the day. She bleeds, she carries and brings children into the world, she is always there, and she LOVES. Just do it mamma, make some time to recharge! (This goes for dad too!)