Carmen Heidi Kroese

Carmen Heidi Kroese

Location: Germany

Carmen Heidi Kroese has been living in the gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein since 2019. She previously worked in Switzerland as an interior designer, managing director and painter. She received her artistic training at the Neue Kunstschule Zürich, Switzerland, as well as from some outstanding artists.
For her, painting is a vocation, obsession, passion and fulfillment. The variety of techniques and experimenting with materials inspires her again and again. Building materials, plaster and gypsum, sand, marble powder, rust and verdigris, wax chalk and much more are used. Watercolours, acrylic and oil paintings, figurative pouring paintings, mixed media and wall paintings are created.
Carmen does not strive for an individual style and does not paint in a specific direction, preferring figurative representation, slightly abstracted or integrated into an abstracted background. She finds inspiration in nature, in events around the world that tigger emotions, but also in the willingness to experiment.
Her favorite subjects are animals and again and again people with all their feelings and destinies. She tries to create images that tigger emotions in the viewer, stimulate thought, but also provoke and spread joy. She is facinatet by light and shadow, concrete representations combined with abstraction, complementary colors an structures. An ever-repeating game of contrasts and dualites.
Carmen has received many prizes and awards for her work. Since the year 2000 she takes part in many national and international exhibitions and trade fairs.



Acryl Oel 100x80cm


Kopf hoch “Kopf hoch”

Mischtechnik, 60x80 cm

No War “No War”

Mischtechnik 60x60 cm, 2022

No War II “No War II”

Mischtechnik 40x40, 2022


Mischtechnik, 60x60, 2022

Zuversicht “Zuversicht”

60x60 cm, Mixed media