Vinatha Reddy

I started painting and drawing as a child and since then it has been a constant presence in my life. I paint when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am excited, when I am stressed and when I am feeling content. I hope that the emotions I am feeling are conveyed in my art.
I spent half my life living in India and half my life in England. Being immersed in the two cultures has influenced all aspects of my life including my creative side.
I work as a physician and this involves gathering information from different sources and converging to a single point which is the diagnosis. When I paint, I start at a single point and diverge outward to wherever my imagination takes me. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to develop both sides of my personality.
After painting for number of years, I ultimately developed a passion for working with acrylic paints on canvas as I found that this enabled me to best capture what I could visualise in my imagination onto my paintings. The choice of colours and layering of paint to create a texture is what makes my work unique and personal. I draw inspiration from the beauty that I see on our amazing Planet Earth. Beauty is all around us but in our busy lives we often do not stop to admire and appreciate it. Inspiration can be drawn from exotic locations, local parks and even our gardens.
As my artwork takes shape on the canvas I let my emotions and mood take me in different directions until I am satisfied I have captured what I am feeling and visualizing.
At its best, abstract art can be like a beautiful piece of music – it elicits emotions, memories, thoughts and feelings which is specific and personal and different for every individual .
I am glad I was able to sell 57 of my paintings in the last 2 years and was able to donate the proceeds to the local charity in London, England to help  people struggling financially during the Covid  pandemic.
I have exhibited my artwork in several art fairs in London, Royal academy of arts summer exhibition 2022 and at Agora Gallery in Manhattan, New York.I am being represented by the Agora Gallery and
My work has been bought by art collectors in Chicago, New York, Houston, Raleigh, Hyderbad, London, Dublin.


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