Stanislav Riha

Stanislav Riha

Location: Canada

Stanislav Riha
Visual artist, photographer and writer
Member of CARFAC

Born in 1952 in Prague, former Czechoslovakia. He grew up in Lesser Town (Malá Strana), surrounded by great medieval and modern art and artists that caused his desire to create.
From early childhood, he enjoyed drawing and later painting; as a young man, he focused mainly on surrealism.
His artistic attitude was shaped by many art clubs in childhood, followed by art training by MgA Milos Saska and work in set production of the Realistic Theatre.

In 1980 he lived a year in Grinzing, Vienna, Austria, and then he moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Enchanted with the natural beauty of British Columbia, he dedicated the first few years to realistic nature themes and then switched to Surreal and later Surreal-abstract creative work.

Artist’s statement:

In the last three decades, I have been creating wall-mounted, cast resin and aluminum sculptures combined with canvas and gold leaf, and exploring the computer as an art tool for creating digital artwork.
All my life, I have loved to create art full of emotions and feelings, "soul," with the satisfaction of fun. I am interested in the balance and composition of colours and objects rather than the reality of the items.
The direction of the last two decades is aimed at understanding and, through artwork, expressing the human struggle of emotions and adaptions. For the past ten years, I have been polishing my creative work in the Surreal-abstract style.
The main motto of my artwork is;
Just as in a good story, the readers have space to create their image; in a good picture, the viewers can form their own account.


November 2022 – Holiday Press Interview with ARTIFACT NYC
October 2022 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, LICE-22; Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition;
February 2022 – "DC22" ANG Lisbon, Portugal, Downtown Chiado International Exhibition;
November 2021 – Portrayed in the PAKS Gallery Vienna, Austria publication, "About Art Magazine."
November 2021 – "BLOOM AGAIN" November 7 – 21. exhibition in Roma, Italy;
October 2021 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, LICE-21; Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition;
July 2021 – Portrayed in the book "Contemporary Art and Artists" published by MAMAG Modern Art Museum Austria;
June/July 2021 – "ARTE e ARTE" exhibition Venecia, Italy;
April 2021 – Downtown Chiado physical International Exhibition;
March 2021 - ANG Lisbon, Portugal, Digital permanent exhibition Lisbon;
February 2021 – Portrayed in an interview in the "Radio Prague International."
February 2021 - ANG Lisbon, Portugal, DC21 Downtown Chiado International Digital Exhibition;
December 2020 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, Digital permanent exhibition Lisbon;
November 2020 – Portrayed in an interview in the "Art Market Observer" magazine published by PAKS Gallery Vienna and MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria;
November 2020 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, Digital permanent exhibition Lisbon;
October 2020 – Saatchi Gallery, London, England - Cold War-Era Nostalgia; Contemporary Takes on Modernism;
October 2020 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, LICE-20; Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition;
August 2019 – ANG Lisbon, Portugal, LICE-19; Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition;
February 2019 - ANG Lisbon, Portugal, DC19 Downtown Chiado International Exhibition;
February to May 2017 - Solo show at Twizzle Studio Vancouver, BC;
November 11 to December 2, 1996 - North Shore Arts Commission exhibition, BC, Canada;
April 15 to 30th, 1991 - Solo exhibition and sale at West Vancouver Memorial Library, BC, Canada;
1987 to 1990 - Continuous display at Ronald David Thompson's Original Only Works of Art Gallery; Vancouver, BC, Canada;
1985 -1986 Portrayed in the book "Artist of British Columbia," followed by the joined art show featuring the book's art.
Over thirty joined shows in the Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

1985 -1986 Published in the book "Artist of British Columbia," followed by the joined art show.

Since 2009, Editor-in-Chief of IQNexus Journal,
In 2015 writing a book "Judy and Bob Dialogues," published by FriesenPress, Victoria, BC, Canada,

Public works:

1985 Murals in EXPO Center Vancouver, BC/
1996 Murals and floor paintings in Steam Works Vancouver, BC
Architectural artworks for hotels and resorts, gold leaf and patinas in Canada. USA, Japan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Jordan, and France.

Set design and Production.
Collingwood School, West Vancouver

2002 Fiddler on The Roof
2000 Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1999 West Side Story


1961-1964, Open school of painting and drawing;
1967-1969, Private studies of applied art and design;
1979-1981, Classical hand drawing and architectural design under MgA Milos Saska in Prague,
2011-2012, CDI College Vancouver BC, CANADA
(understanding addictions and coping with stress)
2012-2013, 9 courses with different universities through Coursera to understand human emotions and adaptions.




These are oxidized copper printed onto coated acetate images I have developed n the last five years.

Surreal abstract

I created surreal images with emotions and adaptions in mind and stayed with the abstract presentation.