Celestial She

A sci-fi artist with a multidimensional view of the world. Using a large range of mediums from acrylic to oil paints as well as some sculptures . Bringing a merger of reality in this dimension and reality of a multitude of dimensions



I am absolutely infatuated and in love with being a woman. The structure of our bodies the way our brains work. With this collection of paintings they were done roughly within the last two year (2021-2023). The way a painting comes to me is literally by dream and sight. Everything I see is a painting all of life is a painting and I just wanted to display the feminine presence, beauty and energy. Nothing left to say but I hope you guys enjoy it.

ConShellation “ConShellation ”

This is just an open image. I simply wanted to show the darkness of space and I’m into stars and Constellations and the pure presence of emptiness and beauty of space. People are stars, energy in motion pure energy, if you think about it we burn out we die. But we were here. So I wanted women to look at this and remember we to are stars constellations bright balls of energy in space at peace.

In the Land of P “In the Land of P ”

This is a pure vision of “Mother Nature”. Everything is born into this world by a mother a woman (in seahorses case and some others maybe not) but everything has a mother an origin A base. With that being said I wanted to truly capture the essence of femininity. A bearing life into nature and earth.

Mellumination “Mellumination”

The Woman. The Melanin Woman