O. Souske

O. Souske

Location: Japan

Living in Japan.
I draw Japanese painting.  I use traditional techniques, materials and motif.
But the picture is not old-fashioned.
It is because I live in modern Japan that has long tradition and has also fashionable.
Motif of my paintings is a beautiful woman dressed in traditional clothes.
In Japan,It says such a picture is "Bijin-Ga".
Beautiful thing is the treasure of the world.
I am drawn to seek a beautiful picture.

*Born in Japan
First solo exhibition. After that, a lot in Japan.
*Australia, Tom Dunne Gallery “Art Collection Sydney 2011”Participation
*Japan, solo exhibition
*South Korea, “KIAF 2012” Exhibit
*Japan, solo exhibition
*Italy, la galleria mentana “Le vie dell’arte-Rassegna d’art internazionale” Participation
* and Gallerie 360 “Emozion ARTE” Participation
*Australia, Wabi Sabi Garden Gallery “BOOM, An Explosion of *Contemporary Japanese ART” Participation
*Japan, “SNIFF OUT 2013” artist booth participation
* and solo exhibition
*Italy, Gallerie 360 “NEW ART” Participation
*France, “Salon Art Shopping 2014” Exhibit
*Japan, PI Gallery “Painter 20” Exhibit
* Italy, Gallerie 360 “Christmas EXPO” Participation
*Italy, Gallerie 360 “LINGUAGGI DELL’ARTE” Participation
* and S.Ambrogio Oratory in Milan“MILAN CONTEMPORARY” Participation
*Czech Republic, Menes gallery “JAPAN ART & CRAFTS in PRAGUE” Participation
*England, The Brick Lane Gallery “JAPAN NOW POP MODERN ART” Participation
*USA, “New York Art Fear 2016”
*and Ward-Nasse Gallery “ARTEX New York 2016”
*Japan, “Tokyo International Art Fear 2016”
*and “21th OASIS Art Fear in Osaka”
*UK, Espacio gallery “Japan Now 2016”
*Netherlands, ”Rotterdam International Art Fear 2016”
*Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 sep”
*France, “Salon Art Shopping 2016 oct”
*Singapore “Affordable Art Fair 2016 nov”
*Spain, “Balcerona International Art fear 2016”
+JCAA, Received incentive award
+Artavita, Online contest best 50 incentive award
*Italy, Art Gallery Rome “ArtExpo Winter Rome 2017” participation in group exhibition
*Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2017” participation in Gallery booth
*Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017 mar” Solo booth participation
*Singapore “Affordable Art Fair 2017 apr” participation in Gallery booth
*Japan, “Tokyo International Art Fair 2017” Solo booth participation
*Italy, Gallerie 360 “Arte Contemporanea Firenze” participation in group exhibition
*France, “Salon Art Shopping 2017 oct” Solo booth
*PRC, "Shenzhen City Art Fear 6th”
*Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2018”
*Hong Kong, “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2018 mar”
*France, “Salon Art Shopping 2018 may”
*Australia, “Pop Japan 2018 In Brisbane”
*UAE, Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery “Dubai meets the world”
*PRC, "Shenzhen International Art Fear 2018”
*and, "Shenzhen City Art Fear 8th”
+Artmajeur, Silver award winning
+”In Art Magazine” (Italy), Cover of the book and articles
*PRC, Art & Harmonygallery (Shenzhen) “International Art Show”
*Germany, “Japan Festival Berlin 2019”
*Japan, Gallery K “ARTEX TOKYO 2019”
*UAE, Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery “mini solo exhibition”
*Japan, Gallery Hinoki “ JCAA sellection 2019”
*PRC, SYART Gallery (Beijing 798 Art Area) “”
*and, Ningbo Museum of Art “2019 Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition“
*and, “The 22nd Art Expo Beijing” in Gallery booth



Japanese paintings
silk base painting “silk / silver leaf / traditional japanese pigment
2016 works


Japanese paintings
silk base painting “silk / silver leaf / traditional japanese pigment””
2015 works


Japanese paintings
silk base painting “silk / silver leaf / traditional japanese pigment””
2014 works

ai “ai”


seiran “seiran”


kunpuu “kunpuu”



2018 painting work