Fran Johnson

Having worked as an Art Director for Advertising Agencies and the Corporate environment for over twenty-five years, I've always painted as an outlet to release stress. Oils, acrylics, and multi-media help me express feelings and thoughts and channel the way I look at life in general. Chosen for their forgiveness in layer after layer, oils are what make textures and motion in my paintings original and unique. From abstract to still life to abstract landscape, brilliant color and movement bring my perspective to life in art.



Fire&Ice's struggle between good and evil shows you a ladder in the center of the painting giving you the option to move up or down in life. Most of us deal with this all of our lives. I look at Fire&Ice and see the complexities of making day-to-day choices and the complications that go with decisions made. From bright golds and greens to dark browns to heavy reds, the swash of color and motion leads you into the painting.